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Musical Background - Roots

Sam played guitar in multiple Atlanta bands including Dawn of Orion, and Signs of Dying.  While studing Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech he also ferverently studied music theory and composition.  At one point, he was playing in 5 bands simultaneously in the Atlanta area - exploring many styles and genres as well as composing for saxophone quartet, string quartet, piano, guitar, and woodwind ensembles.


Recent Years - Currency

Immediately after graduating from Ga Tech in 2004, Sam joined a small technology startup and began working on anti-counterfeiting tech for paper currency using completely novel micro-optics systems.  Hanging up the guitar in favor of the computer, he worked alongside the inventors and helped push the boundaries of the technology, build a team of experts, and campaign for the creative development of this technology beyond the status quo of the market.  Sam was awarded numerous patents, and his work and the work of the team appears in billions of banknotes around the world.


Renewed Passion - Eyephorm

After over a decade of "making money" in the currency industry, Sam's passion for music has been re-ignited upon discovering the Eurorack format of modular synthesizers.  Having quickly built a diverse collection of modules, he looks towards the future of music.  He leverages the algorithmic perspective of his Electrical Engineering Background, as well as his hand-on musical experience as a guitarist and composer.  Now, with a renewed vision, energy and confidence, he is determined to relentlessly persue the musical vision in his imagination.