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2023 - Dawn of Orion Vinyl Compilation
Thanks to my friend Myke C-Town and Sean over at immigrant sun records for making this happen.  We retrieved the old tapes and the equipment to convert to digital multi-track and the old material was remixed.  It was very exciting to hear this previously unreleased material after more than 20 years.  Hmmm.

2022 - Guthman Musical Instrument Competition: 
Youtube Link: Live Performance / Integration with the "Cicada"
Thrilled to be back to Guthman and GaTech, this time with a "more mature" instrument - the Cicada.  I had a grand time meeting Spencer Topel and the rest of the Physical Synthesis team.  We did a live version of "Unification" from Living Water Cycle, and incorporated the Guzheng with the Cicada live.

2021 IMAGO - a bilateral journey of transformation
This 4-part, 26 minute inward journey is best experienced with headphones, and is intended to reduce anxiety.

2020 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition:
Youtube Link:  Live Performance / Integration with the "E-Trombone"
This was kind of a bonkers experience.  You'll have to ask me about it sometime.

2019 - Audio-Visual Gallery Installation
Living Water Cycle - on display at the Krikorian Gallery in Worcester MA from March 15 - April 27 2019.

This work is a 6-video instrumental song cycle using digitally manipulated footage of Water in various forms, with custom electro-acoustic music compositions.  Watch the "LWC" here for free, or on YouTube.  With thanks to Carrie Crane.


released Dec 2021

IMAGO - a bilateral journey of transformation

A 24 minute 4-part opus         
           i)      ovum
          ii)      caterpillar
         iii)      chrysalis
         iv)      butterfly
This amazingly rewarding project took nearly 29 months to complete amidst the global pandemic and upheaval of everyday family life.  The theme of transformation is embodied in the life cycle of the butterfly - the i·ma·go
the final and fully developed adult stage of an insect, typically winged.

I enjoy using timelapse to see the world at a different frequency.  Here's an example where I setup a GoPro to capture a rare Georgia snow melting in 4k.  I like to incorporate a varied collection of drum machines and eurorack synthesizers, along with acoustic instruments to create a soundscape.  Enjoy.


Here are a few older things on SoundCloud.


Drop me a line.  Inquiries for composition, questions about the symmetry of the universe, or just to say hi.  I'll personally respond and let you know when there are important updates.



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